A Vision board, also called a Treasure map or Goal board, is a collage which reflects your aspirations, hopes and dreams. The idea behind is that if you surround yourself with images of what you want to do, what you want to achieve, how or where you want to live, those aspirations will begin to manifest themselves in your life. And this method has been used for generations already!

It also helps to focus on and to formulate your aspirations. Often our heads are full of wishes, desires, ideas, criss-crossing our heads, non-stop. Making a vision board, helps to calm our thoughts down and come to express what we desire and wish to aim for. A great bonus is that making a vision board is a fun, creative and therapeutic way of expressing aspirations.

To make a vision board, you will need:
Stacks of magazines, on Health, Nature, Travel, Home & Decoration magazines, such as Oprah, Yoga Journal, National Geographic, Parenting, ELLE Decoration, etc. You don’t need to buy those obviously, you can ask your friends & family for their old magazines, or at hair dressers, waiting rooms e.g.
Big sheets of paper of different colours
Scissors & glue
Colouring pens

Step 1
Before you start going through the magazines, you will need to decide what you want to make your vision board about. You could focus on your career, your personal life, or even a part of that – like a holiday on a specific location, that boat you have always wanted or a house by the sea. I for instance do it also at the beginning of a year, thinking of what I would like to realise that particular year. What would you like your 2015 to look like? IMG_3178
Take a moment to actually visualise what you would like to do a vision board on. Sit somewhere where you can make your vision board undisturbed, put some music on if you wish and close your eyes to visualise your deepest desire on that part of your life.

Step 2
Go through the magazines and tear out any page with something appealing on and put aside. Let your imagination and creativity take over while looking for images reflecting your wish, as you might not find the exact representation. Of course, you don’t need to stick to images, also work with phrases or even just words that resonate with you.

Step 3
When you have gathered all the images and representations you want, cut out whatever is relevant and choose a coloured big sheet of paper or board. Select and arrange everything in a way that feels right to you. Sort them by area if relevant such as professional and personal areas and within personal, family and trips for instance. Just follow your intuition when arranging the images. You are likely not to use all you have gathered or maybe need additional ones.
You may also consider putting a picture of yourself in the middle of the board, just to reinforce the fact that those are your aspirations.

Step 4
Once you are happy with the arrangement, glue the images on the board. You can also add some words writing them down on the paper directly with colouring pens – in your favourite colours.
If it is a vision board relating to your life purpose for instance, which is a much larger concept and also a changing and evolving one, you might not want to stick the images on paper but do it in such a way that you can make adjustments with time. Maybe use a cork board or work with removable adhesive pads. That allows you to make changes, without restarting the whole creative process.

Step 5
Happy with your vision board? Now give it a place in your house, somewhere where you will see it often. You can hang it in the kitchen or on a mirror, or in your bedroom. Choice is yours and it will also depend on whether you want to keep this private or not. Do as feel best for you.

A vision board creates perspective and is fun to do. And more importantly, it helps you to bring your dreams to reality! Just watch and see how what you undertake and realise, is getting influenced by this process.

I invite anyone who has created a vision board to write on your own experience in the comments.