Sunset at Guincho

Sunset at Guincho

End of summer is special. Whether you travel or not during summer, this time of year has a different rhythm, light and activity, a different mood altogether. The end of this special time deserves attention.

Living at an offbeat pace allows you to reconnect with others and yourself in a different energy, whether consciously or not. It is a time where you allow yourself to do more of the things you enjoy and to reflect on various aspects of your life. Yet, when summer ends, the danger of reverting back into the pre-summer mode lurks.

Let’s pause here and reflect on what you enjoyed, what desires you expressed, what conclusions you reached. Consider that life is a stream that flows, with no turning back into some pre-whatever mode. What do you take away from your summer? What have you learnt about yourself and therefore your life?

This reflection provides valuable insight on the changes you want in your life. They may not necessarily be big changes but small ones together can lead to bigger ons, so you never know what significant change may ultimately happen. If you were to change something in your life, one small something you want more of, what would it be? Choose one thing and do it today!

Mine is nature and in particular the sea. I live about 2 km from one of the most spectacular beaches in the world but hardly see it. At the end of my summer, I decided this needed to change. That beach clears my mind, brings me peace and offers perspective. Therefore, at least once a week I’ll be going there. This is my small change.

Reset your button after the summer with a different energy. Bring more of something special into your life. I look forward to hearing what you want more of and why.