After two years of deliberation, a month ago, we finally decided to give in to our son’s wish for a dog. A puppy, actually. I admit to being more of a cat person. Also, to saying that I would never have a dog because I am frightened of them. I was bitten as a child and have never quite got over it. Until, now. Besides slowly getting over my fear, this puppy has opened a new world to me – the puppy world! It is a bigger investment than I had expected but so are my returns, in the form of reminders of how simple and beautiful life can be. I would like to share these with you.


  1. Living in the NOW

It is amazing how puppies live in the now and enjoy every moment. He invites us to concentrate on what we are doing – not doing one thing and thinking of another. There are consequences to this. For him, when you play, you play. Since his play still involves biting, we feel it when we’re absent-minded!

He reinforces that we need to enjoy things to the fullest, whatever they may be. The little things. Eating together. Going out together. Whatever the activity, make the time and mental space for it.

  1. Be present

When we open the door for him he is always happy, whether he last saw us ten minutes or four hours ago. He gives each of us a lengthy greeting ensuring we receive his attention and love.

This reminds me of how often our greetings are a mechanical ‘good morning, how are you?’. We need to be more attentive and make time for a kiss, a hug, a chat and really listen to what is being said or not said. Be present.

  1. Life is not just about work

Both my husband and I enjoy the advantages of working from home. The downside is that we just go on and on. Being obliged to take the time to train and play with our puppy has proved to be a fabulous way to take breaks. We come away uplifted and injected with a new dose of energy.

Whatever you are working on, pause occasionally – go for a walk, stretch, have a chat, do whatever you need to keep balance in your life.

  1. Keep your brain alert

Having a puppy requires a lot of dedication and patience. They don’t speak English and come housetrained! You need to discover how to teach and how they learn most effectively. Developing this new communication skill takes patience, perseverance, and consistency.

Tapping into different areas of our brain is proven to be beneficial for our short and long term health. Experiment doing things differently and step out of your comfort zone to try new things.

  1. Commitment to your choices

Taking this furry being into our home has been a commitment. I am reminded daily that we cannot undertake anything important half-heartedly. When we choose, we cannot give up or look for shortcuts. Nothing in life comes easily. This does not mean it must be difficult, simply that reaching goals requires commitment. Effort bears fruit later – in the form of joy, happiness, and even more love!