This summer I have been starting my days with a cup of tea listening to a TED talk before walking the dog. TED talks are really great sources of inspiration. They are maximum 20 minutes which means they are short enough for you to be willing to sit down and listen, and long enough to be interesting. Of course, you can also get the Podcast version and listen on the road too!

I would like to share some of my favourites – hope you enjoy them and get inspired!

Ken Robinson – Do schools kill creativity?

Ken Robinson is a great speaker. His English humour added to his greater message makes this talk interesting and funny. His take is larger than looking at whether or not schools kill creativity – he looks at the consequences and what we all need to do individually to counteract the effects. Though his message about the educational system is important (and it is one of my pet subjects), he argues that everyone has a passion worth pursuing which changes everything. I also recommend his book ‘The Element’.

Simon Sinek – How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek argues that people don’t buy the ‘what’ you offer, or the ‘how’ for that matter, but the ‘why’ you offer what you offer. It doesn’t matter what you do, it matters why you do it. Just listen and get inspired!

This summer I have followed a coaching course in which I have learnt a lot about the brain. Absolutely fascinating! There are many TED talks about the brain, as science is only just starting to discover how this amazing part of our body works, but here are two which I have enjoyed listening to so far:

Kelly McGonigal:  How to make stress your friend

Shawn Achor:  The happy secret to better work

Almost a classic is Brené Brown on The Power of Vulnerability.  Brené Brown studies human connection – our ability to empathize, belong and love. In a poignant, funny talk, she shares a deep insight from her research that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity. This talk is on shame, vulnerability and honesty. Another on Trust is also very interesting – which was actually the first one I listened to this summer which started off my morning ritual!