If you are thinking of a career shift, it’s very probable you are not enjoying your present position. You are likely to feel drained, frustrated, irritable – generally not feeling good.

When someone wants to make a career shift, the first step they do is to take personality tests online, think it over, read on possible new career options, talk about it, mull it over, again and again.

Chances are high you stay in that reflection mode. And therefore, stay in the position you are in. Or even worse, you take on another position similar to the one you want to leave.

It is quite a challenge to make a shift from this state of mind.

What you therefore need, first and foremost, is a mind shift. You need to get into a different energy from where you can gain clarity on what you really want.

Rather than think of what career path you want, get into action. As you experience new things, the energy in your body starts shifting, and in your mind. You start seeing more options and possibilities.

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/mjryM7ckG30

Here is my suggestion: think of the world as your playground. With a certain degree of playfulness, think of actions you would like to take. Think of something you would like to do with the following criteria:

  • It is something new: surely you have a list of things you would like to do, which you could start today. I am not referring to that world trip you are dreaming of, but rather something you can make happening soon, anything which is not something you usually do.
  • It brings you joy: make sure that the activity brings you joy and fun. Feel your energy rising when you think of it.

It could be a party with friends or a drink with colleagues, a weekend trip or cultural outing, a pottery class, joining a choir, dancing in your living room. The crazier the better!

That playfulness is key: when you try out something new, don’t think of it linked to a possible career path. Focus on bringing new impulses and dimensions in your life.

As you get into action, notice the energy you get from it. See how it resonates with you. If it feels right, you feel like doing more new and joyful things. This in turn opens up your mind. Gradually, you will start seeing new options and possibilities which did not see previously.

Allow yourself to play with ideas. Get into action. Think of something and do it. Have fun with it!