Monday morning – back at work! Is it with a feeling of joy? Or with a heavy sense?

The difference has very likely to do with whether or not one is working in line with ones calling, also called life purpose.

It is not just a question of being good or even great at one’s job. One can be working with one’s talents, coming to great results, yet have a sense of emptiness.

Happiness in professional life comes with three main ingredients: talents, passion and values.

Talents are your tools, to do the work you enjoy. Those are the things you do easily, which give you energy. Even if you have been working very hard, you might well be physically tired, but if you have been working with your talents, you still feel mentally charged.

Passion is about what you love to do most: who do you want to help most? What problem do you want to solve? What solution do you want most to offer? The answers to those questions give you important clues on which direction you want to give your life.

The third ingredient is about values. They represent what you stand for. They are ingrained and are part of your uniqueness. They are an important part of the foundations of ‘You’. Your values reflect what you believe is important in the way you live and work. Let them guide you when you need to make choices in personal and professional situations.

When you are mindful of what you enjoy doing, what you are passionate about and what your values are, you become self-aware. Your heart and body are your allies in this process of becoming self-aware. They give you clues: your energy level goes up, your brain sees possibilities (not problems), your heart rate goes up. All signs you are on the right path.

With that awareness comes clarity about who you are and why you are here, what your life purpose is. That clarity gives confidence to come forward and step into your greatness. Choices become easier.

This self-awareness is a process. Start today! Take leadership of your life and start steering it in the direction you want. You are here to fulfill a role – do it!

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