Silence. We often feel uncomfortable with silence. We are all too eager to fill up silences with ‘noises’, we continue talking.
However, silence can be a good sign!
When a person is silent, they are thinking, they gather their thoughts, tune into what they feel, come to insights via reflections.
Learn to be comfortable with silence. Ask your question and stop.
Don’t let your inner critic might make you rephrase or go on. Don’t get impatient and make suggestions for them or send them off with the message ‘please think about it’.
Instead, calmly wait for the answer. Realise that if there is silence, it’s very likely your question makes sense to them. They just need time to think.
One way to learn to embrace silence is to sit somewhere if possible in nature and just… sit. Listen to the sounds of silence. It’s really a muscle to develop.
With time, you’ll feel more comfortable with silence in situations with others. As a result, others will feel more comfortable with silence too allowing them to bring the best of themselves forth.
It will also help you develop your listening skills. When the person realises you are calmly waiting for their answer, they feel you are interested in them, they’ll feel listened to- and they will listen to you.

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