What do YOU really want? This is an often recurring topic in coaching sessions. 

There are two crucial words there: You and really.

You is about what is important to you. We often get onto a path which we just happen to get on by chance or which we were pushed or nudged onto. 

My life has started like that. I took on opportunities which came my way. Opportunities others cheered me to take on. And though I knew it didn’t feel great, though not bad either, I didn’t know what the alternative was. And thus, just went along.

Fast forward to the beginning of my coaching journey, I realised I am far from the only one with such a story. That was a relief, I admit. But in all honesty also sad. 

Many people, too many, are walking on paths which they haven’t chosen, where they don’t feel fulfilled. 

The second important word is really. What do you really want? 

Another scenario I often see is that a client has consciously chosen for a life and career but they come to realise that it doesn’t fit them anymore. That choice doesn’t serve them any longer. 

They know it, deep down. There is a little voice calling them out to take action. But it is hard to admit to it.

This is about being courageous. Having the courage to admit you really want something else. Having the courage to explore what that something else could be and then to take action.

If you feel this question resonates with you, take a deep dive and sit with the question. 

You don’t need to answer it in one go. The answer will come to you bit by bit, and make sense to you with time. 

Take the first step today: Think of one thing you would like to have more of in your life – and do it today. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be small but oh so meaningful, that it will bring you closer to your True North.

Dare to share. Let us know what that one thing is.