True North’s mission is for you
to achieve full potential,
in your work and in your life.

Do you live the life you want?
Do you want to increase your self-confidence?
Do you want to step into your power?
Do you want to feel a higher level of energy on a daily basis? 
Do you feel stuck? 
Do you want to understand yourself and feel YOU? Finally? 
Do you want to find the career which makes you thrive, which pulls you rather than needs pushing? 

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True happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents.
John W. Gardner

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My wish for 2025 when it comes to humanizing the workplace

Last week I was part of a panel at HumanizeTheWorkplace, discussing ‘How to Boost Your Wellbeing While Working From Home?’. It was a fantastic moment of sharing and exchanging ideas, observations and experiences. The last question our host, Vivian Acqua, asked was:...

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Reflections for 2021

An unusual stock taking time A New Year following a very unusual year. Time for reflection right? Reflection about the past year - to take along into the unfolding year.  Covid has made 2020 a challenging year. Challenges are opportunities to grow, to learn,...

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