True North’s mission is for you
to achieve full potential,
in your work and in your life.

Do you feel…
Like you lost your MOJO?
Disengaged, unsure and aimless?
Unclear on your next step? 
Like you are always on the go with no time to think? 
Like you aren’t the best leader you can be?  

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True happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents.
John W. Gardner

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What do you really want?

What do YOU really want? This is an often recurring topic in coaching sessions.  There are two crucial words there: You and really. You is about what is important to you. We often get onto a path which we just happen to get on by chance or which we were pushed or...

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Why you should focus on your input, rather than your output

Photo by Paul Skoruskas on Unsplash Traditionally society praises more easily what we are DO-ing, what we have achieved, which position we hold, what possessions we have, as signs of being successful. It’s a focus on the output. Thankfully, increasingly more attention...

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Silence. We often feel uncomfortable with silence. We are all too eager to fill up silences with ‘noises’, we continue talking.However, silence can be a good sign!When a person is silent, they are thinking, they gather their thoughts, tune into what they feel, come to...

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