Online Workshop

Leading Yourself and Others, through Strengths

with Ilse Noppen

Leadership starts with self awareness. Powerful leaders are those individuals who know and are comfortable with themselves. It’s about leading from the inside out. 

The inside is your uniqueness: your talents, values, passion and purpose. Those are your unique building blocks, your key internal resources. This is about your ‘BE-ing’.

Identifying those internal resources might not be easy but it is a crucial step to give sense and direction to your life, and give colour to your leadership.

What will we cover in this workshop?

In this workshop we’re going to dive into the topic of talents, which is in my view the easiest but crucial first step in developing your leadership. You will discover your talents and how they influence your behaviour. You will learn to recognise them and how to develop them further.

Step one: Creating self-awareness

During the workshop, you’ll be guided through reflections and exercises to help you reflect on your talents.

 “If you spend your life trying to be good at everything,
you will never be great at anything.”
Tom Rath

An example of a talent to explore

Most of my clients didn’t acknowledge their creativity at first – but I have yet to meet someone who is not creative! 

Very often when we think of creativity we think of arty creativity. That really is an expression of aesthetic creativity. Creativity is much more!

There are different kinds of creativity. In short, we can distinguish three types: 

  • Useful creativity is about wanting to solve a problem, being the trouble shooter, looking at what is feasible with what is at hand; 
  • Aesthetic creativity is having an eye for colour, beauty, and form but also about playing with ideas and seeing links which are not obvious for others, it’s about thinking out-of-the-box. 
  • Mental creativity which is the inventor’s creativity, this is thinking ‘without a box’,    freewheeling, playing with ideas where the sky’s the limit.

So what type of creativity do you have? Or more specifically: which combination do you have in you? 

Having clarity on your talents, helps you develop your self awareness. 

Step two: Leading through strengths

Leaders become great, not because of their power,
but because of their ability to empower others.
John Maxwell

In the workshop we’ll also look at how your talents influence your leadership and how you can use them to develop your leadership.

To continue on the example of creativity: 

Imagine your team has to come up with a new product or solution for a client. You have the inventor’s creativity very strong in you and are brimming with ideas. You have that one team member however, Marie, who is constantly shooting down a new idea. 

Your first reaction might be to get irritated with Marie because ‘she resists change’. However, you could instead use her strength: it is likely that Marie doesn’t have much of the inventor’s creativity, but is actually very driven in finding out which solution or idea might work.

As a leader, you might put the team members who love generating new ideas together and then bring in Marie to challenge them on their ideas. If an idea passes the test, your team might be on something great!

We will explore options for you to learn to observe team members through different lenses so you can make the most of the strengths in your team.

In this workshop you will:

  • Gain great self-awareness and tips on how to continue doing so
  • Understand how your strengths influence you
  • Learn how to leverage your individual strengths 
  • Get tips on how you can transform relationships in the workplace
  • Walk away with new strategies to become a more effective leader

This is an interactive workshop, where insights come through engagements and interaction. 

There is no special preparation – bring your curiosity and willingness to learn!

Who is this for?

This workshop is for you, if you want to:


  • Increase your self awareness so you can grow more consciously
  • Create a positive mindset in your team
  • Develop better working relationships
  • Develop your leadership

Practical details

Join me live for this free Online workshop on coming June 18, at 7 pm (CET). 

Only 10 places available. 


“With her kindness and patience , along with her objective suggestions, Ilse helped me discover a stronger person within myself. Ilse’s professionalism is an undoubtable and firm guide for moving her clients forward on a personal and professional level. When you think you’re stuck, Ilse will get you unstuck and its a marvelous achievement.”

Susanne Humpert

“I would like to thank and express my gratitude to Ilse for the extremely successful coaching sessions that I had with her, Ilse not only gave me encouragement, guidance, inspiration and motivation but really helped me to understand where I’m now and where to go in the future.
Thanks coach.”

Kamel Dimassi