My friend and colleague Liesel Teversham shares my passion for embracing our unique strengths, so we can live with more ease and fulfillment in all areas of life.

We chatted about these 3 topics:

  • 1. What can it do for us to know our strengths?
  • 2. What are the signs of our strengths?
  • 3. How to recognize our energy drainers and what we can do about them?

We shared a few tips about how to find out exactly what your unique strengths are.

About Liesel:Liesel works with sensitive introvert solopreneurs who don’t like the spotlight, to help them feel more comfortable and safe to be seen and talk about their work in authentic ways. Liesel’s website: www.savvyselfgrowth.comLiesel’s FB page: Liesel Teversham – Growth for Sensitive Introverts

About Ilse:Ilse works with professionals who are in transition and want to grow more self-aware. She helps them to navigate those changes successfully. Ilse’s website:

Watch the video here.